How To Create Account – GuideĀ started as yet another website for the purpose of sending mails, became the famous one out there within a really short period of time. Google is known to create things that tend to crush the competitors in the field, there were already tons of email services out there, Hotmail used to have around 20 MB of webspace. Gmail was launched with 1 GB of web space, and it automatically made everyone migrate from other services to them, quite a story. was created by Paul Bechheit, and as of now the service has more than 500 million users from the Globe. As per the statistics, from Wikipedia, there were over 425 million people registered on the website, as of June, 2012. Initially Gmail used to provide 1GB of space, and now that has been boosted 15 times, yes, now you get 15GB of space for free. If you need more, this can be upgraded as well.

Yahoo and Hotmail were doing pretty great until and unless there was no Google’s Gmail, but as it came people pretty much started migrating. The service is growing enormously, not because of mail, because there are tons of features that come with the Gmail.

Features of

Talk about features? – well there are tons if you look. Keep on reading.

  • Google Drive – Google owns this obviously, and for joining the service you get Google Drive space as well. This is cloud storage and the app for the same is available on Android and iOS, so it makes it pretty flexible.
  • Voice Calling – Calling has been there for long time in Gmail, thanks to the all new hangout integration.
  • Got Multiple Accounts? – switching made easy with Google. It is easy as a few clicks. No need to log in log out again and again.
  • Customization – You can fully customize the inbox of yours, there are themes to make it look good according to your needs.
  • Inbox Tabs, Labels – This classification function is not there in any other mailing service out there. This function distributes your mails across various categories such as shopping, important etc.

You can always head to the official website of Gmail to find out more about the service. The best benefit you are getting by joining Gmail is that, you will be automatically signed up for other Google’s Services which are useful, for example – YouTube.

Joining the website is pretty straight-forward. Follow the steps that we have given below and you will land into your inbox within a few minutes.

  • Head to the website, enter the url in your browser url bar
  • Click “Create an Account” colored blue box, and you will be taken to a page asking for your details
  • Enter your details on the page, click next. You might have to verify your phone number before you are taken to the inbox
  • When the verification is complete, you will be able to check your inbox and make use of the Google’s Gmail Service.

Alrighty, this is what all the process was. I hope you have joined the website successfully. Let us know how is your experience with Gmail, and other services out there on the web.